Compete against other players in your server cluster to win rewards daily/weekly.
You get a total of 5 tickets/day. Additional tickets can be purchases for 50 diamonds/ticket.
(It is highly recommended to buy and use a few additional ones per day – for the rewards after a victory)

Use up all 5 tickets to get a total of 150 diamonds for competing.

RankDaily RewardSeason Reward
1500 Diamonds
2x Basic Summon Ticket
1000 Diamonds
130x Violet Rune
20x Advanced Ticket
2480 Diamonds
1x Basic Summon Ticket
950 Diamonds
120x Violet Rune
15x Advanced Ticket
3470 Diamonds
1x Basic Summon Ticket
900 Diamonds
110x Violet Rune
10 Advanced Ticket
4-5460 Diamonds900 Diamonds
100x Violet Rune
6-10420 Diamonds900 Diamonds
90x Violet Rune
11-20400 Diamonds850 Diamonds
80x Violet Rune
21-50380 Diamonds800 Diamonds
70x Violet Rune
51-200350 Diamonds700 Diamonds
60x Violet Rune
201-500300 Diamonds700 Diamonds
50x Violet Rune
501-2000200 Diamonds500 Diamonds
40x Violet Rune
2001-5000100 Diamonds400 Diamonds
30x Violet Rune
Arena PointsRewardArena PointsReward
1010200 Diamonds17003 Advanced Tickets
1050200 Diamonds17503 Advanced Tickets
1100200 Diamonds18003 Advanced Tickets
1150300 Diamonds18503 Advanced Tickets
1200300 Diamonds19004 Advanced Tickets
1250300 Diamonds19504 Advanced Tickets
1300600 Diamonds20004 Advanced Tickets
1350600 Diamonds20504 Advanced Tickets
1400600 Diamonds21004 Advanced Tickets
1450600 Diamonds21504 Advanced Tickets
1500600 Diamonds22005 Advanced Tickets
1550600 Diamonds22505 Advanced Tickets
16003 Advanced Tickets24005 Advanced Tickets
16503 Advanced Tickets