What should I spend my diamonds on?
 Perimeter: 7-10 Stamina purchases per day
 Wasteland: Merchant: Rubellite, Runes, Talent Points
 Base: Shop (refresh 1-3x daily): Rubellite, Runes
 Faddy: Daily offer (often is worth but sometimes not)
 Fast Patrol: 3+ purchases daily
 Elite Campaign: Max tickets daily
 Arena tickets: 3-5 extra purchases daily (mostly for the Talent Points)
 Rise of Heroes (Event): 690 diamonds/daily for tickets
 Outpost: Refresh 3-4x for Highest/2nd Highest available quests
Which heroes should I pick first in Advanced Wishlist?
New Players: Taylor, Sorietta, Falvea/Bot Mark, Serena, Oak
When does Faction Mines unlock?
After defeating Story Instance 13-4
When should I use my extra stamina in Perimeter?
Once you reach the benchmark stages below:
Deesa: 6/10/13 | Dome: 6/13 | Marsh: 5/9/15
When does Guild shop offer White gear?
After clearing Chapter 24-40, wait until the next reset for it to appear
When is the best time to use 2-, 4-, 8-, 24-hr resource items?
A general rule of thumb:
 2 hrs: every other day
 4 hrs: every 2 days
 8 hrs: when I am stuck for 2 days
 24 hrs: when at a major break point (e.g. you’re about to get your 5th character to lvl 140/160/180/etc).
Resources gained is based on AFK income, so the further you are the more resources you gain
Should I buy a copy of X hero using Data Chips?
As a general rule of thumb, buy the Gene Hybrid first for each banner. Always keep a stash of 80 chips for the next banner.
If you still have extra data chips, then consider buying a copy for priority heroes for their recruitment event
Who should I choose between X and Y on banners?
For the first 5 week’s, generally the 1st banner is the better choice.
You technically only need 1 copy and then can use Gene Hybrids to get any SSS to Immortal
Which hero should I use Gene Hybrids on to get to Immortal first?
Leo, Daniel, Nordthion, Masrani/Miranda, Emma, Ravenna
Between X and Y hero, which should I Evolve first?
Prioritize the better char (or the one closest to Immortal) or what you are currently lacking (strong frontline, damage dealers, healers).
Focus on 1 SSS at a time until Immortal
Can Healing crit?
What are the best Defensive stats?
HP% > DR% > DEF% >= CRIT DR% (for Arena)
What are the best Offensive stats?
Should I save my pulls?
New Players: Generally you’ll want to spend everything EXCEPT Limited tickets in the first 4 weeks
There are a couple of very detailed ticket spending guides for the first 5 weeks in the Official Discord
How often is Double Chip Event?
Every now and then. No schedule.
Do Meteorites from Elite Chapter Event carry over?
Yes, you can spend all the Blue Dust as you get enough each event to clear the shop
What are the Top 6 SSS chars?
Nordthion, Anpu, Leo, Masrani, Daniel, Luke
What are the next Top 6 SSS chars?
Rez, Crete, Ravenna, Skooer, Emma Aniruddha
What are the best non-SSS chars?
Serena, Oak, Taylor, Falvea, Sorietta, Bot Mark II, Senway, and Nagrama are very good.
Artas and Bohr are very helpful as well
How many limited tickets can F2P get monthly?
For new players its 160-200/month
With Ancient Altar, Galactic War, Shops, Rise of Heroes, Twilight, Galactic Treasure, and Astral Order you can earn 250-300/month
How do I leave a guild?
Got to Guild -> Guild Hall -> Tap on your name -> Leave
Which stage should I farm in Elite Campaign?
The highest stage you can sweep, don’t go for specific shards
You’ll get enough copies of heroes through summoning and other sources
What lineup should I use for PvE content?
Generally speaking, most stages past 20 will require:
 1-2 Tank/Vanguard
 1-2 Support
 1-3 DMG
Each stage is different but be flexible and have at least 2 for each role built
What’s the best way to get Rubellite?
AFK rewards, Shop (refresh daily), high levels of Elite Campaign and Rubellite resource items
How do I get Battle Merit?
Completing daily Battle Order tasks and spending $$$
How much Battle Merit do I get per $$$ spent?
$1 = 60 battle merit, so $10=600, $50 =3,000, $100 = 6,000
Between X and Y hero, which should I use for Z content?
Higher Ascension > Lower Ascension (within the same role)
There are some exceptions such as Bailey, Emma, Rez, and Skooer
How do I get Bailey Hudson?
 Grand Ceremony Top 5 placement
 Recruitment event use a combination of 700 Advanced/Limited tickets (~5-6 weeks of saving)
 Fuel refinement buy using Fuel
 Wishlist Banner rarely can he be chosen after week 5
If I reset a hero, do I get my Runes back?
NO! You also do not get back heroes used in Evolving. Please be careful when using Runes and plan accordingly
When do I unlock Smelting?
After completing 20-40
How do complete X rift?
Go to YouTube and type: ‚Name_of_the_Rift‚ + Eternal Evolution
What should I choose from my Prototype Pack?
If you have the option, for Epic: Pain Rune > Flash Point > Vison Stone/Dark Summit
For Elite: Coronate/Chaos Chip
Else whatever you’re most lacking copies to max"
Are Guild Hunt Achievements a one-time bonus or does it refresh each week?
One time bonus
What does the word “energy” represent?
Utlimate gauge. Ult requires 600 energy to cast.
What is EX stat?
EX Stats are basically useless except for very early game. They are extra stats added after calculating %-based stats and usually are a good food/smelting mat.
Does ACC matter in PvE?
No, enemies have 0 Resist in PvE
How does ACC work in PvP?
CC Rate %= 200+ACC /200+RESIST
If your skill already has a 100% rate, then you don't need ACC.
Generally, 90% of CC moves have 100% accuracy"
If i leave a Guild, what’s happens to my Guild Technology?
It is temporarily disabled while guild less but no progress is lost during transfer
What is better to do for Hell Altar? 3-1-1 or 2-1-1-1?
 3-1-1 = More gear
 2-1-1-1 = More Tickets
E.g. 3 tickets on Hell, 1 on Hard, 1 on Normal"