During the event, obtain a certain amount of heroes in Advanced/Limited Recruitment to earn rewards.
For F2P it is strongly recommended to skip a few of these events to stockpile at least 1100 tickets to be able to receive Leo! (Usually takes up to 2 months)

101x 2Hr Hero EXP
501x 4Hr Rubellite, 100 Diamonds
901x 4Hr Hero EXP, 1500 Diamonds
1202x 8Hr Rubellite, Elite Hero Selection Card A*
15060x Mimic Soul Shards**, 100x Soul Potion
1905x Keotsian Triangle Stamina, 300x Soul Potion
26050x Yellow Rune, 10x Small Catalytic Furnace
35030x Red Rune, 4x 8Hr Rubellite
5001x SSS Hero Selection Card A***, 30x Mythic Metallize
7001x Bailey Hudson, 5x Superior Resource Pack
9001x Gene Hybrid, 5x Huge Catalytic Furnace
11001x Leo, 500x Soul Potion
15001x Optimal Divine Prototype Pack A****, 10x Superior Resource Pack

Selection cards/packs (Pick one of the items available):

*Sorietta, Bot Mark 2,  Taylor, Zander, Senway
**Any elite hero
***Luke, Ravenna, Emma, Azena, Crete, Masrani, Zaida, Skooer&Hatty, Daniel
****Solar Flare, Fifth Element, Prism Amulet, Dominant Nucleus