Each Galactic Arena match is a Best of 3 between 3 teams. If you win a match, you will receive the opponents rank, which determines your Star Coin income.
Star Coins are used to buy items in the Galactic Arena Shop.
You get 5 Galactic Arena Tickets daily. Each season of Galactic Arena lasts 2 weeks.

It is recommended to build at least 2 strong synergetic teams to get the victory.

MASTER 1 - 5010x Limited Recruitment Ticket
120x Yellow Rune
200x Violet Rune,
48,000 Star Coins
DIAMON 1 - 38x Limited Recruitment Ticket
100x Yellow Rune
150x Violet Rune,
42,000 Star Coins
DIAMOND 4 - 106x Limited Recruitment Ticket
80x Yellow Rune
100x Violet Rune,
36,000 Star Coins
PLATINUM 1- 104x Limited Recruitment Ticket
60x Yellow Rune
80x Violet Rune,
30,000 Star Coins
GOLD 1- 102x Limited Recruitment Ticket
60x Violet Rune,
20,000 Star Coins
SILVER 1- 1015,000 Star Coins
BRONZE 1- 1010,000 Star Coins