Lost Valley, Ketosian Triangle, Crimson Abyss, Wasteland and Guild Daily Challenge have a chance to drop Unstable Energy, which is used to start the machine (max 3 times/day).
Each time you start the machine, your random drop goes to the left container and a copy of the same item goes to the right container. Items in the right container can be claimed by purchasing 1 Glowing Particle in the shop.
NOTE: Unstable Energy does NOT carry over to the next Quantum Mimic Event!

1x Divine Prototype0.391
1x SSS Hero*0.391
3x Basic Recruitment Card1.572
1x Random Divine Prototype Pack (Epic)2.612
1x Limited Recruitment Ticket5.2210
5x Red Rune5.2210
40x Soul Potion7.059
10x Violet Rune7.059
1x 8Hr Hero EXP11.7515
1x 8Hr Rubellite11.7515
10x Advanced Recruitment Ticket13.051
1x Superior Resource Pack13.055
5x Yellow Rune20.8940

All values are subject to change each event.